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Contact Information: Feel free to email me at my company name   clevermonkeygraphics and then use that famous @ symbol and then type in the warm destination hotmail and of course the dot com. Okay, have I confused the spammers enough!!!

Where do I sell my digital scrapbooking products? Currently my products are sold through GingerScraps.net and MyMemories.com

My design style: While my style is certainly eclectic and I like to try lots of different things, I've discovered that mostly I want my own layouts to look like they could have been paper scrapped and so that is how I design. While I used to draw lots of doodles on a Wacom monitor and design and cut out felt, the past couple years have seen fewer doodles and more amazing graphics created in photoshop with the pen tool.

What made me who I am:
  • born and raised in Toronto, Canada
  • presently living in the Pacific Northwest
  • live linked to the web
  • married to my hunk
  • mom to my perfect daughter who is now in college.
  • sort of a SAHM
  • except every spare moment is spent designing making me a WAHM
  • and occasionally creating a website for someone
  • i have also lived in Santa Clara, California and in Paris, France
  • love nature (but don't ask me to spend the night in it)
  • love the beach (wish the drive there was much shorter!)
  • prefer a 5-star hotel over a tent (refer to love nature)
  • dad is an attorney and totally fluent in Photoshop and he's 92!
  • mom is an artist (including digital work)
  • two sisters - one has passed due to pancreatic cancer (know the signs!)
  • love to take photos that show the story (think out-takes of a photo-shoot)
  • love to decorate
  • Jewish (hunky hubby Catholic)
  • put up the best Christmas decorations (refer to love to decorate)
  • bringing up a religiously confused child
  • maintaining weight always a challenge (dang chocolate and potato chips for tasting so good!)
  • I think I design to pay for a trainer once a week to keep me strong and on track with health goals and Weight Watchers to remind me ignore the majority of naughty food cravings.
  • well aware that the best chocolate is found in Canada
  • personality traits... patient, accepting, nurturing, artsy, relaxed, glass usually half full, loving, funny, outgoing introvert, want to do so much more than my body allows me, love to explore new places, love to teach, enjoy people, a little bit sarcastic, not easily prone to anger, loyal, avoid confrontation, organized - sort of - but wanting my organization to look beautiful prevents me from getting as organized as I want to be, follower as opposed to leader but will take the lead without a second thought whenever needed, hate paying full price but most certainly will for the right thing, love my 'bookstore' time, love the sun on my face, read novels but skip the intellectual reading because it makes me sleepy, love peeking at pinterest and getting lost down internet rabbit holes, multi-tasker, love a good TV show, love a good movie, despise the act of traveling but love the destination, bored easily if something or someone doesn't interest me, fulfill commitments to others, love the benefits of exercise but hate the act of it, social, love to eat out but hate to deal with waiters, would kill for good Jewish food on West Coast!
  • favorite activity: hanging with my perfect daughter, short hikes with hubby
  • favorite hobby: digital scrapbooking
  • love altered art look, but don't want to mess things up to have to make it
  • love perusing Pinterest, and following links to cooking, artsy, scrapbooking, decorating, crafty blogs, and more
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