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How do I contact you?
I am always available via my @hotmail account. Just type my company name first.... clevermonkeygraphics.

Do you have a newsletter?

Look up.... below my logo you will find my newsletter sign-up. Just click, sign-up, and receive my newsletter whenever I have something to share.

Can you create something custom for me?

Email me. Sometimes that answer is yes if the price is right! Ha ha ha.

My question isn't answered in your TOU/Your TOU seem wrong for what I bought.
Email me. I practically live online unless I'm out playing hooky by hanging at the bookstore or shopping or volunteering at my daughter's school.

I found a mistake in your kit.
Nooooo. Say it ain't so. But everything is possible. If I can fix it, I'll try to do so right away. And something nice will come your way from me as a thank you if you are the first to mention a problem with a kit.  After a fix is made, I will always try to email the customers who made the purchase with a link to a replacement item. Note, sometimes what you might think is a mistake, may simply be how I, as the designer, intended it to be. For instance, sometimes felt items can look quite light in parts of their edges due to the nature of felt combined with my extraction brush. You are my customers and I will always try to do right by you.

How do you make your felt items look so real?
The old fashioned way, armed with real felt and scissors! Usually followed by my scanner. Then extracted using my own custom brush.  I now also have a great set of real scanned felts that I use to create felt items in kits.

Your doodles are amazing! How do you do that?
Talent. Bwahahaha. Okay, here is a for instance.... I photograph an item or sketch of an idea. I bring that into my photoshop. I use my tablet zoomed in at at least 100% when I draw.  ...and I have an amazing Wacom Cintiq monitor that I can draw directly on!

Where can I find your products?
You will always find my stores listed and linked below my logo at the top of the page in my blog.
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