Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today may go until midnight

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So much I want to accomplish and never enough time to do it all.

Spent time purchasing some craft supplies for Taylor this morning over at Michael's Craft Store. I recently got some great craft/drawing books from Amazon and now we have some creating to do. If you have little girls, check these out:
Then it was off to Taylor's gymnastics class. An hour spent sitting around a slightly smelly, slightly too dark, cavernous giant gym watching Taylor pull the back of her outfit down over her tushy cheeks. Note to self: buy new outfit!
In the afternoon I gave up my computer to Taylor so she could play games on it. She is growing up on a computer. By contrast, I remember my first computer class in college where we actually learned how to use the punch cards! We never dreamed that computers would become so commonplace in our homes one day.
While she played, I went between sessions of washing and sorting blueberries, cleaning house, adding to my knowledge at and resting my foot which I had broken a week before last Thanksgiving and was finally told by my doctors a couple weeks ago had still not healed and now I needed to wear a device called a "bone stimulator" to try to heal it.
I stuck to my Weight Watchers Flex Plan today. Finally a good leader at the weekly meeting who actually inspired me. Time to find out if I can truly lose weight while unable to do aerobic exercise.
Finally, tonight, I'm writing way to big a post on my blog - they won't all be this way. Well, they might if I have caffeine in my system! I'll try to be short succint and witty when I can be. And into photoshop to continue working on my designs. I still have caffeine doing a nice job on me tonight. Can you tell? he he.

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