Sunday, August 20, 2006

Another Bad Blogger

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I've read so many blogs where the first sentence says "I haven't posted in a while..." and now let me join those ranks. Life is a busy things and lately I've only wanted to design instead of blog

We took my 6 year old daughter to the county fair last night. She was so excited to go check out the rides and then as she looked at each one, she decided each one was too scarry to ride on. spins, goes too fast, turns you upside down, mommy or daddy can't ride on it with me... and so the excuses went on. Finally she chose one with her daddy and on they climbed. The excited anticipation was all over her face as she waited for the ride to begin - this ride was really just a small glorified ferris wheel. Turns out it moved fast and her face quickly turned from expectant to totally terrified. Being the good mom that I am, I did the only thing I could - I took pictures! lol

And speaking of being a bad mommy...
We went in to see the animals. She stepped in cow doodoo. I laughed. She scraped off her shoe as best she could. I cracked jokes. She kept scraping. Then I told her to go pose by the poop so I could have a picture to scrapbook at a later time. In my own defense, I instructed her not to touch the bottom of her shoes, rubbed disninfectant on her hands as we walked out of the animal barns, removed her shoes for her at home, and promptly placed them in the washer for sanitzing! So I'm really not all bad.

Continuing with the naughty mommy lines today... Today I learned that if you tell your sweet husband that you have to go bra shopping and thus, cannot take your daughter with, you can go shopping for the day - no problem. And if you forget to turn on your cell phone, no one will guilt you into coming home before you might want to! These could prove useful little tidbits of knowledge in the future unless I have my sweet hubby read my blog!

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LOL!!! Too funny!

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