Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Comedy of Healing

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A sense of humor in life is a must. With humor we can prevail through all.

One week before LAST Thanksgiving (American not Canadian - different dates)I did a weird combination trip over my daughters toy and my gardening clogs in my front hallway. I came straight down on my left foot with the toes going under. The next 45 minutes were filled with gasps as I tried to deal with both pain and breathing at the same time - uh, yes, IT HURT! My daughter, 5 at the time and in kindergarten, got me pillows for my foot and my head. My sweet hubby tried to tell me it was simply a sprain. My sweet(?) daughter offered to cut my foot off. An attempt at humor I believe.

My left leg seems determined to defy me. On our second day hiking in Maui a few years back I tore the ACL in that knee. I actually had to climb a fence to get out of that forest. Moral: if your first cousin tells you that hiking boots will not be necessary where he plans to take you hiking on Maui - do not believe him.

When Taylor was almost 3, we went to a friends beautiful wedding held at a winery in the Napa Valley, California. Being a SAHM for the past few years, I rarely wore high heals anymore so when I went to get up quickly from our table to snap a picture of my daughter on the brides lap, my heel slipped and the front of my shoe hit the base of the table hard. Result, badly broken big toe. Didn't know it for 3 months though, figured I'd sprained it. Finally went to the doc who took an xray, look at me kind weirdly and said - "WHEN did you say you injured yourself?" Turns out that the break was still very clear in xrays even after 3 months.

Finally with my toe happy and healed, I dropped an enormous cookbook from the top of a closet, corner first, onto the top of my left foot. Result - swelling that kept me out of all my shoes but a not so attractive pair of mary janes for about the next 4 or more months.

This brings me to today. Ten and one-half months after breaking 3 metatarsals, one so badly that it need a pin to put it back in place. (Gosh - did I mention that this foot got a stress fracture in it back in the spring as I was trying to walk and heal???) I finally opted for surgical repair of my foot. That was done last Friday, the 22nd of September. Being the modern world, it was in and out of the hospital on the same day for the surgery. I groggily tried to listen to post op instructions as they sent me on home to heal.

I've hired a most wonderful, energetic lady, with the kind of smile which makes you sure she must have extra teeth in there to help out once a week with housework. She works and we chat away. And her bluetooth phone keeps ringing. Works great for her, she chats with her headset as she cleans. I ask her if she is the Dear Abby of her bunko group??? She makes me my lunch and chides me when she catches me coming up my stairs - I've hired a mother hen! Funny. She's great. The house is clean. Life is very nice at the end of Monday.

By Tuesday, my first cast was driving me so insane that I called the first "call me if you need anything list", Caryn, first thing in the morning and she took me for a cast change. That night we get dinner made and delivered to us by my friend Kari. I'm a little worried, As far as I know, I always jokingly say that Kari only eats white bread, process cheese slices, and cereal. What could she possibly cook for a dinner???? I tell her this, laughing, as she delivers a yummy, slightly spicy, pasta and sausage dinner with salad and garlic bread along with some really good books to read while I'm recuperating. She replies back that she had been very tempted to show up at my house at lunch with white bread and cheese and tell me she was doing my lunch too! I like Kari - always have. She's a wonderful combination of humor, and strength, and calmness in a long lean gorgeous body topped by waist length curled red hair.

Then came yesterday.
Keep in mind, I'm supposed to be lying down with my foot above my heart for the whole first week after surgery.
daughter, Taylor, was home from school
7:45 a.m. had daughter's friend, Katherine, over to entertain daughter
8:30 a.m. had Genelle over who decided she wanted me to do a website etc for her business; She brought son (also out of school)who is actually quite nice and he played with the girls; besides, she bribed me with morning coffeeshop soy latte to see her quickly.
9:15 a.m. Michaelle and her gorgeous little son (eyes to die for) arrive to care for girls while I go to first post-op doc appt. Michaelle is the "helping hands coordinator" for my MOMS Club chapter. She is a feast of beauty for the eyes and the more I know her, the more I'm quite positive that beauty goes far deep into her. Such a genuinely nice girl, one I look forward to knowing more and more through the years.
9:30 a.m. I spot cute-as-a-button female toddler wandering into my home office. This would indicate that yet another girlfriend, Leigh, totally spunky, fun, outgoing, and even looked gorgeous after childbirth, Leigh, has arrived to take me to my doctor appt.
Genelle, who has now become my client,now asks if it will be okay if she comes back in the afternoon to talk more about the upcoming job. Who am I to deny? I'm excited about doing the work too!
10:00 a.m. waiting at docs office; Leigh went to check out Nordstroms with her daughter while I'm at appointment.
10:15 a.m. still waiting
10:20 a.m. I'm in. And I finally coach a smile out of my doctor who is a very "all business" type of guy when I tell him I'm feeling great that day on a combination of full dose of narcotics and several cups of coffee AND I've found a wonderful long-handled paintbrush that will fit down the cast to scratch. All goes very well at appt and he removes cast. Tells me to wear the "boot" now to protect the foot.
not long enough after beginning appt for Leigh I call Leigh's cell phone to let her know I'm done. Poor thing, she barely got a breath of that Nordstrom's perfumed air. Leigh loves shopping! I can relate a leeetttle bit too much.

Michaelle leaves shortly after I arrive home. I settle down into a fresh dose of my narcotics, foot up, pain reducing...

Genelle's ready for her return engagement. I've known Genelle, who is a wonderful makeup artist and has now created her own line of cosmetics, for a few years. I'd have called it a peripheral friendship but I'm sure that will grow stronger now. I never seem to have makeup on when I run into Genelle, and I laugh with guilt and make my excuses each time. After all, she's a make up artist! and very pretty! Creamy skin, dark, dark, hair, and stand out greenish eyes.

That evening, Leigh brings back over a delicious tortellini based dinner for 10 to feed our small family of 3. Lunches will be yummy for a while. Leigh recently started her own business NewforBaby with a designer friend. Their newborn baby clothes went out in the thank you bags to all the announcers at the recent Emmy Awards and Leigh and her hubby got to attend the awards.

My friend, Jenn, yes - yet another tall gorgeous friend about whom I don't think anyone could ever find a bad thing to say. If she has a bad side, I haven't found it in the 3 years we've been friends. Jenn brings me over movies to watch from hers and Lori's (knitting fanatic, grammar fanatic - an editor, tall, slim because she works at it, big eyes, chocolate brown hair, and works part time at a coffee shop and that image fits her great!)collections.

8 p.m. Taylor's in bed. I'm armed with a plastic bag and duct tape. I'm going to attempt actually having a real bath. Moral: duct tape is not waterproof. You can imagine the rest for yourself.

Now here I am this morning. I'm lying down in my nest on the couch with a movie in the home theater system. a movie from Jenn and Lori. It won't work properly. In fact, it works well just long enough for me to get into the story... @#%%&%$@^!!!! Meanwhile, I haven't had any coffee yet (my best friend since I had Taylor), and I don't want to move my foot because I know how much it will hurt. Here's the dilemma. I left my pain pills upstairs! With them and coffee, life will get better. But it means I have to endure some bad pain to get them. I don't feel like having that pain. I'm tired of that pain. I want that pain to be gone. now. instantly. gone. I start think about whom I might ask to come over and get me my pain pills. My next door neighbor and friend is not home - no sense leaving a message. I think about the wonderful couple in the 80's across the street from me - a retired army dentist and nurse. They brought me the most beautiful flowering plant arrangement when I got home from the surgery. It always brings me such pleasure to see their garage door sitting open and know that they are home because they both so warm and friendly. But I'm not sure if stairs are hard on them at this point. And then the phone rings...

It's Caryn checking up on me. Light blue eyes, chestnut brown hair, a smile that sneaks out from here to eternity to light up her face, and a passion for dark chocolate that surpasses my own and enjoys the fun of the hunt at a garage sale like me too. Two kids, Suzanne who is 3 now and has always reminded me of my Taylor and a sweet baby boy. Caryn seems to have a calm peaceful approach to life and I have always enjoyed her. But her timing was off for calling me because when she asked how I was doing, I TOLD HER!!! She offered to wake up her two sweet children just to come and get my pain medicine from upstairs. How sweet is that!!! I said to let those little darlings sleep; I was just being cranky from dealing with real life. Caryn will be bring enchiladas tonight - yummy I'm sure, once again.

I hang up from Caryn. Put that darn movie on permanent pause. Suck it up and crawl up my stairs to my pain meds bottle. I come over to my home office and check out my emails and start to reply to one and then just decided to put it all here on the blog.

Alissa, you are lucky to be out of town so that I don't have an authentic reason to give my description of you ...... TODAY. just you wait. lol


Bridgitt said...

Gosh, what a great circle of friends you have and if my imagination is correct, beautiful too. What a lucky woman you are! Sorry to hear how much pain you're in, otherwise a week laying on the couch sounds pretty goo. Best wishes, hope you are pain-free soon!

Jones said...

Glad to hear the girls are taking good care of you!

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