Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Get your HANUKKAH "GELT" here!

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Here's a couple of links you can click that should be good for the next week. Send me an email at if the links don't work!

Here is the link for the file you uploaded:

Here is the link for the file you uploaded:


linda said...

thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Jones said...

Thanks Tracey, that paper is very cool!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Hanukkah gelt.

sausan said...

Tracey, sorry for getting back to you this late and this weird, but it's the fastest right now..LOL..having issues with this #!"/ grrr# hotmail thing so all my emails got deleted, but not from me, and yours was one of them! Would you be so sweet and come back to me again? This will teach me not to get Beta versions again!
Oh and great paper by the way LOL

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