Saturday, August 09, 2008

Taylor on my new Cintiq Monitor

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Taylor couldn't wait to get her hands on my new Cintiq monitor when she heard you can draw directly on it! And here she works on her first piece of art, first kicking me off my own computer system!!! I think she's got a great giraffe going here.

I had to rearrange all the furniture in my office to get the Cintiq onto a desk it would fit on. And since I had to rearrange everything, which in itself is a nightmarish job, I decided to finally paint my office walls. The are a gorgeous aqua blue. Things are still a little messy in the office, but are becoming workable now!!! I still have tons to learn about using my special new monitor!


Alice Koh said...

Whoa... THAT is a nice plaything you have there, Tracey! Guess your daughter has taken over your designing! LOL Put her in the design team! Can't wait to see your new art work with Cintiq.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you get to use that monitor once Taylor is asleep at night! Looks great..gotta love new toys!


kimlizzy said...

Wow! What a fab new toy to play with - when your daughter lets you! LOL

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful toy! I'm telling Santa about this one!!! Great job on the giraffe - can it become a transparent png ... maybe???

Jones said...

Loving the blue!!! Have a great week, I'll talk to you soon! :)

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