Monday, September 15, 2008

Life gripes and new kit

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Lets get my gripes out of the way so I can show you the new kit!!!

Gripe 1: cheap faucets that leak! Solution $400 new faucet that hubby just installed. That's an ouch on the budget!

Gripe 2: cheap wood used to build homes. We redid the front of our new home about 3 or so years ago in hopes of fixing a leaky window problem. Turns out the only window framing that we didn't rip off was where the leak is and now we get to spend more money to truly fix the problem!

Gripe 3: not so good computer repair. My laptops screen went bad this past week. Took it in where I've done 2 other computer repairs before and they installed a new LCD, a refurbished one that they said was perfectly good. Got it home and it won't get properly bright - major eye strain issue here! And there is a little knick in the front of the screen! Grrrr. And it's taking them forever to call me back re this... double Grrrr. Laptop will be going back in when all backing up has been completed!

Okay now the previews of my newly released Boo! kit!!!

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michellewaite1 said...

I am sorry about all the leaking around your house. We had faucet problems for a long time. DH finally replaced it.

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