Monday, December 15, 2008

Finding a Christmas Tree should be easier than this!

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Our Christmas Tree hunting started a little late this year as hubby had been sick with the flu. Since Taylor was born, each year we have gone to a local tree farm and chopped down our own tree so that it is ultra fresh. We did our tree hunting this year yesterday - Sunday. During a blizzard. Turns out most tree farms are not open during blizzards. We did walk around one but couldn't find a suitable tree. We tried 3 different tree farms only to find 2 out of the 3 were closed. Saw one car stopped - somewhat permanently in the middle of the road and one car in the ditch, rear wheels up high kissing the sky. This was starting to not feel like a great tree hunt. Finally we purchased a tree at a local tree lot and drove back up the hills to home while we still could. Our house now smells like pine and the tree glistens and shines with ornaments in the front living room. Today, Monday the schools are all closed and even hubby stayed home due to the bad roads. The weather is sunny but quite cold surely not breaking the 30 mark today. More of the same expected tomorrow and then for Wednesday we may get to welcome and even worse snow storm. Starting to wonder if I'm going to get Taylor to school at all during this last week before winter break!!!

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