Sunday, November 01, 2009

Saving a Layout for the web in PSCS4

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Saving your layout for the web in Photoshop CS4


Keep your settings as below with the checkboxes. Change the resolution of a 12x12 layout to 72. Note the pixel dimensions change to 864 x 864 pixels.

Go up to the pixel dimensions and change them to 600x600.

Now under the file menu FILE>SAVE FOR WEB & DEVICES

When the window opens up, first, you do have a choice of how many view of your layout are showing. I usually just do the optimized choice because when I save to display a layout in a photo gallery I'm not really comparing it to the original.

Be sure JPG is chosen on right.
Highlight the quality.... use down arrows (or up arrows) on your keyboard until the number below the picture on the left size reads 125 or below (some galleries need smaller sizes and some allow larger sizes!). Then click save and simply navigate to where you save these files on your computer. Done.

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