Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas House Decor

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My sister has requested pictures of my home decorated for Christmas. So you all get a sneak peek into my life... lol

Our front entry. From the ceiling we have hanging what we call "The Kissing Ball". Taylor loves to trick us to stand under it so she can get a kiss. That is our Living Room you seen on the right.

Ornaments over the front door.

A little front hall table and mirror. As you can see from the reflection it is right beside the stairs - and the stairs have decoration going up the banister - that's the one thing I groan about decorating each year but Taylor loves it.

Turn left as you walk in the house and here is our Living Room. It has a casual beachy feel and I've never figured out what color to paint the walls. My latest thought is a soft brown! Normally it has lots of seashells and natural items as decoration.

The tree.

I love to collect the trees over the mantel. Our household does both Hanukkah and Christmas. I'm the Jewish one. But I love to decorate so the whole family gets the benefit of me making the house look beautiful seasonally. Photos don't really show it off properly. This is a wonderful warm room and sunlight streams in its front large windows.

close ups for ya all.

Yup. Presents became part of the decor this year. Taylor decided she wanted me to put them out  before Christmas so she could best enjoy the anticipation.

A few of my trees.  Wonder what trees the stores will have next year? Buwahahahaha

Taylor and I both agree this is one of our favorite ornaments. We actually have lots of snowflake ornaments.

One new ornament this year: this cute deer. Taylor fell in love with it.

At the back of the house is the family room/kitchen. Whatever color these walls look to you, they are actually a gorgeous mustard shade. I spend many an hour sitting in that brown leather chair on the left with my laptop computer designing or scrapping or just perusing blogs.

So you've had a peek at my kitchen. I'm clean; but I'm not always perfectly tidy! This is our pet frog's cage, Croaky. Croaky gets his own Xmas tree!

Finally at the end/side of the kitchen is a walk through to go out to the dining room and then back to the living room and front entrance.

I'd show you around upstairs but that would require making the beds first. ha ha ha

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Meisie said...

LOVE your decor! Thanks for the glimpse into your house. Also for the freebie !

Wishing you a wonderful 2010! if I culd only find cool pj's like Taylor's for myself...I'd be a happy gal! LOL

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