Tuesday, May 04, 2010


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I filled a dozen or more large pots with nutrient rich potting soil, set up my drip irrigation system in my raised bed, we brought out some of the summer porch furniture... and hopefully this weekend I can plant all the little seedlings growing in my dining room. Sunday felt filled with accomplishment - especially after being zombi-ized in front of the computer looking at {i}NSD sales and making purchases all day on Saturday. Monday poured rain more often than not and it will be a generally wet week.

Made oatmeal muffins with large sugar crystals on top with Taylor. Two days later she admits to me they taste like soap and butter and she doesn't like them. Mike doesn't like them because he thinks the yummy sugar crystals are too big. Yeesh. That's it - back on my diet for 2 days now and no more baking for a while!

Monday morning was spent in blogs which then led to more blogs and more blogs and fantastic art inspiration. About 3 hours more inspiration than I was planning on. But by after lunch I did start designing. Pretty things coming soon.

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