Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ninth and Bloom

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I've been making you wait. The store is open and now I can tell you...
I am a designer at the new store 9th & Bloom.
This is a very exciting venture for me and I hope you'll come along for the ride.
Here is who else is there...

So, on to showing you my new goodies, and they're all on sale 35% off for the opening!
Click here to go to 9th and Bloom! If you have trouble getting into the site; it's because it is clogged with customers! But the servers are literally being upgraded as I type, so just check back in a little later.

Birthday kits! One of the boys... One for the girls... (and look around my shop to find one dedicated to those 4th of July Birthdays!!!)
Gotta love the little monsters in our lives! So here to celebrate them - and their fears of what's under the bed is Monstertude!

I created a whole new set of papers to work with The Dentist's Chair kit which I created
with Alissa Jones of Pick a Paper. See the whole kit in my store.
We scrappers always need a neutral alpha! 
I discontinued my old zoo doodles. Introducing my new line of Zoodle Doodles. Lots of animals you won't find anywhere else.
My Distressed Sanded Overlays come as Commerical Use and Personal Use!
Here is a sampling of my kits that are immediately coming back in 9th and Bloom... I'd show you but blogger is going too slow today.  More will follow later in August. I have previews to do and a trip to take before the rest arrive.


kimmerbean said...

Tracey, your kits are so fun and colorful. I've been hanging out at 9th & Bloom all morning and have decided to move right in. LOVE IT!

Alissa said...

Congratulations on your new store Tracey, I know you'll be a huge success!

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