Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I should be writing about first day of school, but I'm not. LOL

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Instead of telling you that I thought Taylor's new teacher, Mrs. Beirgarden seems real nice and how Taylor got all her best school friends in her class this year, I'm going to tell you a little trick I came up with for figuring out what type of light bulbs are needed in ceiling fixtures...

It's getting harder for me to easily change my viewing focal length for just to the computer screen to several feet away quickly. Small print doesn't work so well for me. Bah Humbug. I don't like that. So my sweet hubby tells me the other day to be in charge of making sure we have light bulbs around for the various types of fixtures in our house. Good excuse for a run to Home Depot to pick up fall mums and some light bulbs. But I couldn't read the wattage from my 5 feet 4 inches to our extra tall ceilings in the downstairs of our house. And then a moment of brilliance hit me. I pulled out my camera and zoomed right in on the bulbs and finding out wattage's was as easy as a click. There ya go, my hint of the day.

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