Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter Decor and the sign Spring has Come!

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I enjoy decorating a little for most of the holidays. It's fun for my daughter and an excuse to change things up a bit for myself. Hubby has taken to calling me 'Martha'.  So here are the photos of this years decor:

Every year I blow out eggs as opposed to hard boiling them for Taylor to dye. Last year I found the perfect display method for them. A basket found at Home Goods. I think we can handle a few more years of eggs in this basket. It's sitting on the kitchen table.

A few fun Easter extras sit among the many pottery pieces Taylor has displayed on the shelf in the background.

This is in our front entry.

On the dining room table.

You may have guessed from lighting that dining room and living room are attached. Lots of little touches of Easter in here.

This cute chick came from Craft Warehouse this year!

The amazing egg tree on left is from Real Deals this year. That mossy bunny on a stick is from Pier 1 Imports. Rumor has it they have them again this year!

This fantastic bunny came from Real Deals too. But it journeyed into our home last year so it is no longer available there. My daughter wanted it in her room year-round so it only visits the living room now at Easter.

And finally, one last obvious sign it's spirng in our area...

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