Saturday, September 08, 2012

School Rules

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Well we just finished our first half week of school for Taylor.
7th grade.
Temps hitting the 90's!
Of course she is basically happy but missing having her good friends in any of her classes.
Taylor was put into an accelerated writing and reading class that is a mix of 7th and 8th graders...
and she did get one of her favorite teachers again  (yeah Mr. Hanlon!).
Taylor will begin band and is going to try it out with a flute.
What I don't like is that she has no art class for this entire year!!! Good thing I'll be signing her up for Fine Art Starts classes after school again this year. I'd like to keep some form of art study in my artsy child's life!

Didn't take me long to create a page for the beginning of school. I've used my brand new kit: School Rules

Ok. Mini life update done. Let me show you the new kit SCHOOL RULES and reintroduce you a re-released group of SCHOOL SUPPLY FELTYS. The kits are currently available and on new release sale at ScrapMatters under Clever Monkey Graphics. They should turn up very soon, and of course on sale for a few days, at MyMemories under Tracey Monette probably at the beginning of this coming week.

Pages using School Rules and School Supply Feltys

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