Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Kits and digital scrapbooking freebees

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I have new kits and freebees available!!!

First freebee - in case you forgot to get a chocolate Easter bunny. Here is one for you.

I'll show you the 2nd freebee at the end of the post!
Copy and paste this link to your browser to download the bunny:

OR go to this post at ScrapMatters for the direct link. For unknown reasons blogger is giving me trouble with this whole link and paragraph! I can't even seem to copy text from this first paragraph even after deleting and retyping. Sigh. So either type directly into your browser, or go to the forum at ScrapMatters to the News from SM Designers to find my freebee threads. Sorry about the trouble guys!!!

I created my first layout using the chocolate bunny since initially writing this post:

This bunny matches my new kit The Bunny Trail...

I also just released Embroidery... it looks gorgeous with so many layouts. You'll see samples further down!

Layout Samples with The Bunny Trail and some have Embroidery in them too!
(2nd freebee coming up)

Samples with Embroidery:

And now that you have patiently waited me out...

Here is freebee no.2....

Click here to download.


Kimberly said...

Super cute!! Don't know if it is just me, but the link won't let me click on it. :(

ike said...

Oh - I just love the pictures of the guinea pigs... or should I say Guinea Bunnies :-D They gave me such a good chuckle.
Thank you for the freebies :-D
IKE xx

Tammy said...

Thank you so much for the awesome Easter gifts!

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