Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Story Behind Children's Museum

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I grew up in Toronto and happily remember many visits to the "Science Center" which was a science museum aimed toward youth. I also loved visits to our Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) to see the dinosaur skeletons. Most big cities have such places, more so now than when I was a kid.

I live in vicinity of Portland, Oregon. There are lots of fun places to take kids here. We have a children's museum  and a forestry museum that actually sit off the same parking lot as our zoo and we have a kid's museum aimed at science called OMSI the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Over the years I've visited all these places with Taylor but I've never scrapped many of the photos because I never fell in love with any kits of this nature. In fact, it would seem that few designers tackle these kits and those that did, while their kits may have been cute, they had the wrong color pallet for me. So once again I designed a kit that I myself would enjoy using. It's a big kit but this is a big subject! Still I wanted more so I designed the add-on. And then yesterday morning I started creating a huge pack of flairs that worked with both kits to further enhance pages. So I added some free journal cards and created a bundle! 

Now I've begun scrapping my backlog of photos and it's been so much fun! Here are my first few layouts and then pics of the kits which as always can be found at Oscraps, GingerScraps, and by the end of next week all will be available at MyMemories for those using their software.

This next layout was simply in our family room and when I looked at the color of one of Taylor's favorite childhood building toys I knew I'd created my kit for these photos too!

Here are the kits dressed up in various store logo finery! The new add-on's will be on sale through next Thursday.


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Robinson Nest said...

I have photos from a recent trip to Sparks Science Centre in Calgary -- yours is the only kit I've seen that has this theme. I plan to buy it today (it's my birthday!)

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