Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eating Ice Cream with Chopsticks

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Gorgeous Day in Oregon yesterday. (translation: not raining)

Spent the morning pushing around heavy pieces of furniture sitting on sliders and trying to unbury my office. Those little sliders you buy to place under the edges of furniture to make it more movable are little miracle workers!!! The office is still buryed but at least the furniture is in a better position.

In the afternoon, my neighbor and friend Tanya called to asked if Taylor wanted to go hike down to our local New Seasons. "Hike?" I asked. Tanya didn't know that before a series of injuries in recent years I used to adore hiking. Tanya's daughter L and Taylor are great friends. Turns out there is a part dirt and part woodchip path going almost the whole way to the store through the woods behind new home developments. Tanya also had young 3-year old cutie with her. I always suspected it but now I know for sure: Tanya is strong!!! She had to carry him the whole way and it didn't seem to bother her at all. By the time we got to the bottom her arms hadn't stretched any longer! Wow! Okay here comes the chopsticks and ice cream part. We took the kids into the New Seasons for some gellato (aka ice cream). Oh how I wished I had brought my camera for this part alone... Taylor and L decided to eat their ice cream with chopsticks! And it worked pretty good until the ice cream became soup.

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