Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Snail vs the Banana Slug & Other Adventures

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Interpretation of a good father on Father's Day.
He wears the tie given to him all day.

This morning 4 of our 5 butterflies hatched from their pupa's...

Finally, Taylor and I went for a hike in the woods. This is where the snail and the banana slug come into things. We found them as we climbed our small mountain and Taylor spun fantasies of a race between a snail and a banana slug for the rest of the climb. Funny thing, we would never have spotted the banana slug if we hadn't stopped to examine a snail moving at negative 0 miles an hour along the trail.

It was wonderful as we got deep into the woods to hear all the urban sounds disappear. Though I wasn't really aware of that until we were coming back down the hill and out of the woods. The traffic sounds were an intrusion after the peace of Mt. Talbert. It was interesting as we ascended to see different fauna covering the ground from masses of ferns, high grasses, and up into an area with a ground cover of greenery with tiny white flowers.

The park where we hiked had a quickie trail through "prairie" area. Found a dandelion ripe for blowing!

This layout featured dandelion shots from beginning of May...

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