Monday, August 25, 2008

Newport Oregon

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On the last morning of our visit on the Oregon Coast I took my
Taylor down the 100 steps to the beach in front of our hotel in
Newport. We brought out sand castle building supplies with
us. The beach is very deep especially when the tide is lower.
It seems to go on forever where you can walk through less
than ankle deep water. I'm sure you could walk for miles in
each direction to but since it was so foggy, I'm not positive
about that! Taylor started her castle building bringing buckets of
water from the ocean's edge. But an hour into our time we
started to hear thunder rumbling above us and decided it was
time to check out the hotel's pool instead.

I used a lot of artist's products here and none of them are mine - LOL!
If you'd like to see the credits click here

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