Saturday, December 20, 2008

And the snow continues to fall

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So what to do when the snow keeps coming down and it's not good snowman snow? How about softball in the snow... Taylor & Mike had a mini game in the driveway. Taylor had a hit almost every time. Of course one time she got to walk as Mike hit her with the snowball!

That kind of thing naturally leads to revenge and many snowballs were thrown outside today.

And lots of love and smiles and hugs joined us outside too. I got out of the snowball fight by being armed with the camera! Buawwwwahaha!


Michelle said...

Great pics, Tracey!
Looks alot like our house- we've had a blizzard 2 weekends in a row.

Joy said...

Awesome photos Tracey... isn't it amazing.. I love the snow. Have a wonderful Holiday.

Gillianbeads said...

Great photos Tracey!!
Lots of snow here in London, ON as well!

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