Monday, December 22, 2008

Will the snow EVER end? LOL LOL

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More pics.... we have a good 2 feet of snow on the driveway. Mike and I, standing practically thigh deep in snow on the drive way merely look at each other and shake our heads in confusion at this ridiculous amount of snow. And when you dig down about a foot there is an inch thick layer of ice. At least we still have power!!! But I'm starting to really wish I could get to a grocery store as fresh supplies continue to dwindle and I don't know when I can get out.

This little hummingbird, nicknamed Peanut by Taylor decided he wanted to hang out in our garage today. I have now learned hummingbirds are not very intelligent, not seeing an exit right in front of them - or is it that he was very smart and knew the garage took him out of the snow for a while.


Joy said...

Oh my gosh girl... you really did get it didn't you. Well stay home by the fire and snuggle with the hubby and Taylor.

michelle said...

holy cow- that's a lot of snow!
We've only got about a foot here in SD- and it snowed an inch or two last night. Hope you have a snow blower! lol

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