Monday, May 18, 2009

Just another day, but a frustrating one.

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We're just ending a fantastic steak of weather... highs in the 80's. Wahoooo!

This morning I did my water aerobic class. For the first time there are no kick-boards available for the class, but lucky for me another lady handed me hers preferring a foam tube for the exercises. For the first time I did it in full makeup because I was going to get new passport photos taken right after at Costco. Well wouldn't you know it. The instructor gets everyone doing some kicking thing in the pool and I get two big splashes on either side of me. Splish splash splish splash right down on my hair. My hair that is ready for passport photos. Did you know that kick-boards can be used as umbrellas? Well the health club has this cool machine that wrings out swimsuits. Today my locker was right beside it. I always bring an extra small towel to stand on as I change into dry clothes. Did you know that all the water wrung out of a swimsuit in one of these machines splashes directly on the floor? Another not happy discovery for me. lol.

So I go into Costco to get my passport photos taken. Did I mention these are Canadian passport photos? They have different requirements for the photos and Costco can't do it. Trying to think of where I can get this done and I go to 3 more photo studios over the next hour to no avail. Hair is not looking so perky anymore and makeup is probably fading into my face at this point. Every place I went I asked for suggestions. One placed (kudos to Picture People for this!!!) mentioned going to AAA. Well I do have a membership and yes, they could do it.

Later came the fun of paying huge fees to courier my passport info up to Canada. Now I just have to hope it arrives in time for my trip which I booked later in the summer just to give it enough time to arrive. Last time I went to Toronto with my family my husband's and daughter's passports arrived with only days to spare!

So later in the afternoon hubby sends me off to get new tires for my car. Les Schwab here I come. Boring and expensive. Strangely my neighbor turned up 10 minutes before I was done. At least that was a nice little chat.

Now to the gas station. Pull in with no pumps available for the side of the car I need. Start to turn around to go into a spot and some @^#%&^*& pulls into it behind me. I yell at the attendant and he finds me a spot. In fact, one look at my face and he finds me that spot quickly. Hubby calls and asked if I got a good deal on the tires. Told him I didn't bargain and he tells me but that was why he sent me to boredom land and not himself. I guess he should have told me. I tell him the gas station attendant is probably filling the car with water right now because I got pissy. Did I mention that an older lady in the grocery store the other day said I had a very happy disposition and it was such a pleasure. I forgot to bring my disposition to the gas station apparently.

Accidentally forgot to plan a dinner on purpose. (really that makes a lot more sense than one might think) But I didn't suggest we go out. Made spaghetti with sauce straight from a bottle. Daughter claimed the sauce tasted sour and wondered why our faces go into such a funny position when we eat something sour. I told her to rinse her noodles in the sink.

{This note added years later...5 years and one more passport later to be exact. It turned out Canada didn't like the quality of photo that was done by the AAA office and sent them back to me. After searching the web I discovered there are only 2 places in the whole of the Portland area able to do correct Canadian passport photos! Yeesh!}

I'd like to say that tomorrow I get to keep working on my Circus Kit. But I have 2 websites I'm in the middle of redoing and they need to get my focus. Alas. I really want to do the other type of designing.

But I have at least done some scrapping recently. Here's some layouts. Credits can be found under mybetrside at


Michelle said...

Well, I hope today goes a whole LOT better for you. But I have to admit, your story did give me a chuckle. I would have opted for supper out at a restaurant
(preferably one with beer) after a day like that!
And the LO's are darling- is that Taylor as a baby?

shelly said...

mext time heading for passport photos try - totally online exprience - no wandering arounds

shelly said...

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