Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nature in the Backyard

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After several days of spectacular weather, yesterday was rainy again. Taylor's softball game cancelled. This morning, while cool, there is lots of blue sky and sunshine mixed with giant puffy white clouds gently sailing by. They seem to be missing the brooding quality of rain clouds so I think the rain may be done - and more spectacular weather is supposed to be on the way. During last weekends amazing weather we brought out all our deck furniture and pots of flowers and Taylor's 'fairy garden' emerged.

When we moved here there was an enormous open field behind us with a small mountain (molehill?) covered in mostly evergreens. We are lucky to live almost on an urban boundary where we can walk to see horses in fields and on a good day a deer may be found eating the wild grasses. On a bad day he may be eating your tomato plants! I used to think it was slugs that did that until my neighbor informed of what he saw. lol. I have pics of those deer on my cell phone from last week but don't have a clue how to download things off the cellphone. That might mean actually reading a manual. Have I ever mentioned how badly I detest reading manuals?

Well, 5 years after moving to our paradise, houses were built on a curving street behind us. Really big houses. Way too close to the rear of our house! Really high roofs. In retrospect it is good that the builder lowered that land 15 feet from us. But we still don't think it is good that that builder refused to build a fence behind us after creating a cliff! So let me say how secretly pleased I was when with the drop of the economy he had several houses sitting, just costing him money, long after they were built. In fact, he still has one behind us remaining unsold. If I could place an evil laughter soundtrack here I would! All we see behind us now are rooftops. It's very ugly. Lucky for us we had that molehill covered in evergreens that rises above those roofs. I usually sit in my comfy brown leather chair, with my feet up, designing on my laptop, with that beautiful mountain sticking up to look at. Which brings me back full circle to the title of this post: nature in the backyard!

As I walked back in the house this morning from dropping Taylor at school I got to see a spectacular looking American Goldfinch sitting in Taylor's fairy garden working on eating the seeds Mike accidentally kicked into it on the weekend. Her little planter sits right beside my 'designing chair' at the window and that goldfinch let me come right up and watch for a while. After about 5 minutes, it finally flew away. In spring we see a lot more varieties of birds around us than later in the year. We love watching the birds swoop around the sky in their aerial displays.

Other morning bird news. As Taylor and I were about to get into the car for the trip to school a hummingbird visited us in the garage. We wondered if it was the same hummingbird we had trouble getting 'out' of our garage during the blizzards last December!

And final bird news of the morning. We have a 'stupid' robin in the neighborhood again. I say stupid because he chooses to attack our windows thinking he sees territorial enemies in our windows. So every day the robin spends a while flying up to the same window attacking it and then wiping its poopy butt against the glass. Messy and funny at the same time.

Watching a new (for me) TV show on HBO. Well actually in my ON DEMAND for HBO. Good friend mentioned it to me: It's called True Blood. And is about vampires being accepted into main stream society. NOT A KIDS SHOW - THEY SHOULDN'T EVEN BE IN THE SAME HOUSE IF YOU CHOOSE TO WATCH! LOL. To say there is nudity and sexuality in this show would simply be an understatement. Yet still, the show has perked my interest so I'll be watching episodes to catch up on year one of the show, while I design or work on websites in my brown leather chair.

That's it for now. I'm out.

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Michelle said...

Chris and I LOVE True Blood!!!!
And you're right- this is definitely not a show to watch while the kids are even awake- they have a knack of walking in at the worst moment.

Cool stories about the birds. I've never even seen a hummingbird so I'm jealous!

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