Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Store Goings On...

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My voice is slowly re-emerging - sounding very strained!

My "doodling" computer is still broken; I may move my drawing monitor to another computer because I was designing hard on my Christmas kit. And for those who look to me for a Hanukkah kit, that too is coming up in my own special style. Just be patient those of you who were asking.

Now to show you fun stuff...

I'm in charge of the December Ad Challenge so be sure to go check it out and participate!
Here's the challenge Ad (okay website this time - lol)

Baker's Delight is coming today to Scrapbook-Elements. Freebees every day! I think mine will be given away very soon so be sure to go to the site and find the promotion...
Here's what my give away looks like:

The new UBI (U Build It) is about to release... Here's what you'll find from me


Michelle said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend. And love the new contributions to the UBI- your word art is really creative!

artful pioneer said...

Oh, Tracey, this is so difficult! Bless your heart. I could write a book about feeling powerless and frustrated due to circumstances beyond my control! But it will pass for you. Looking forward very much to the Hannukah kit!!! Hope you are better now.
Artful Amanda

jane_david99 said...

cant wait to use it all, especially the clipping masks..

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