Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A phrase worth pondering

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"Enjoy the Meanwhile"

I read this phrase while going through my email today. It struck a cord with me. How many of us are always waiting for end of our work week on Friday night, or a vacation in 3 months, or 10 lbs off our bodies if we stick to our healthy plans in 2 months, etc. Not that anticipation isn't good and fun, but what happens to today if we're always thinking about tomorrow? So we must remember to "Enjoy the Meanwhile". Enjoy today the flavor of the meal that will help take 10 lbs off you, enjoy today the stories - told to you by children getting home from school, enjoy today the intimacy of a hug by a spouse or a friend, enjoy the successes of your day and enjoy that you may just learn from things gone wrong.

So this morning I look forward to and anticipate my daughter coming home from school later. But, in the meanwhile, I am enjoying that I have time to write a few words on my blog, I am enjoying working on designing for digital scrapbookers, I am enjoying a piece of clothing smoothly folded after laundering, I am enjoying the satisfaction of designing a web page and having it all work right the first time. I am enjoying today's meanwhile.


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