Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tutorial: When Photoshop is running like a dog! Memory problems!

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So, really I'm putting this here so I can always find it when I need to. But if it helps anyone else, I'm very happy!
If you use Photoshop and your system is dogging...

Sometimes our computers store temporary files. Today I refer to the Photoshop temporary files. In fact, every time your computer crashes with photoshop running, a temp file gets stored. You can end up with a 100 megs or more of these temp files without even knowing it. Two reasons for that....

1st, you may have checked a box that says "do not show hidden files and folders" in your folder tools and options in Windows Explorer and 2nd, all the products that should automatically delete these files for you, won't delete these specific files. So if you are starting to have a nightmare time with error messages and a slow computer, do the following and see if it solves your problem:

C:\Documents and Settings\(your User Name)\Local Settings\Temp
(local settings will not even show if you don't have that show hidden folders option checked!)

Display your window by detail. Click on file type so it sorts everything in that window by file type. (This just makes it easier)

Look for Photoshop Temp files.

Delete those files, Empty the Trash (Recycle Bin) and run a Defrag. If this has been your problem, your computer and programs should run well now.

Here's a good site with lots more info on this type of stuff!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the CraftCrave Tutorials search engine today (look for timestamp: [22 Jan 10:00am GMT]).

Steph said...

Thanks for the tut! I also find that when my Photoshop is running really slow, it's usually because it's bogged down with a ton of presets. lol I created an action that clears them all at once and I only load in the resources I need for a particular project I'm working on. It makes a huuuge difference!

jane_david99 said...

thanks for sharing..
im sure this info will com in very handy for me.

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