Thursday, April 01, 2010

New Product Release: Too Many to Name!

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Today my store opened at Funky Playground Designs! Yeehaw! I'm thrilled to now be a part of the community of two stores.... Funky Playground Designs & Scrapbook-Elements. Everything below can be found at the Funky Playground store. But a volleyball kit is probably what's up next for Scrapbook-Elements as my daughter just started playing.

We just got back from SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo during a short spring break trip and I can't wait to use my new Feltys to scrap the fun!!!

And here's a totally cute ribbon idea I created for you. OMG, you should see my stash of ribbons. Lov'm!

How about some masking tape? You could make your own frames, journal on it... so many ways and ideas to use it, even easily recolor with a blended color layer over top. And for you designers, there is a CU version available!!!

I have intricately extracted flowers galore - and no, these are not prima flowers! You can see all the fine threads, no blurrys, no spare pixels. Got Flowers No.1 and No.2 are strictly for designers (of course you can buy them if you No. 2 is for everyone else and has no CU version.

I have some doodles for you.... frame sets that come both as psd layered files and easy to work with png files (in regular and CU versions) and also a set of line doodles. I may have to use some of those letter or number ones in a school layout. Or maybe a top 10 reasons I love you layout...

And my final new release, available both regular and CU are a great set of fabric-textured white papers. Including a bonus extra crinkly one... where is my iron??? Great as a base of a layout or to use as blended as an overlay to add fab texture to other papers.

Want to be on my mailing list to be among the first to see new releases and receive occasional coupons? Leave me a comment with a way to contact you... just don't go leaving an email address with a live link in it. Use words to spell things out or leave weird spaces. Sorry I'm not techy enough to do one of those automated sign-ups. Maybe in the near future!

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