Tuesday, June 01, 2010

We Only Do Quarters - Dipping Dots Diatribe

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I took Taylor to the mall after school today.
We stayed for some dinner in the food court.
Because Taylor REALLY wanted dipping dots ice cream.
And I couldn't give her dipping dots without giving her dinner first.
Taylor chose some chocolate mint dipping dots.
They cost a ridiculously high dollar amount of $3.50
I gave the sales clerk 3 dollar bills, a quarter, and 3 dimes
She looks at the money.
She looks at me.
And now stupidity leaves her mouth...
"We only do quarters." She says
"Well this is the money I have." I  say
She looks at me blankly.
She implied she should keep the extra nickel.
I told her she wasn't getting an extra nickel and that if the ice cream stand didn't keep on hand proper change than they could take the nickel loss on their ice cream.
"So you want me to give you the dime?" she says
Resisting rolling my eyes, I say "yes." and then I tell her to explain later to her bosses why her till is a nickel short.
Because they only do quarters.
I walk away to where Taylor is sitting enjoying her dipping dots, a small smile spreading across my face at the ridiculous of paying for those dipping dots.


Sweet Escape said...

Geez, I agree that is ridiculous ;/ What kind of policy is that? But from that smile on her face it was worth it =o)

Anonymous said...


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