Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The House

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This is the house of an incredible artist along with a man with a passion for collecting and displaying amazing treasures. These are probably some of the first photos ever to be placed on the web of this amazing home. This home has been created with love, passion, and talent.

First up... my favorite room The Kitchen

Exquisite downstairs bathroom! The bathrooms are my next fav places! The artist has done excuisite finishes and work on redoing surfaces and furniture.
His Bath

Her Bath

His Wardrobe

The Yankees Room

Hallways and Entries

In the Bedroom Suite

Before Tiffanys was  big... they created this lamp!

The Dining Room

The Family Room

The Living Room

The Pool
Would you expect it to be less than the house? The backyard is filled with wonderful little seating areas to enjoy the good weather in summer.

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