Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bloomfest is here!

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Bloomfest starts Friday morning!! Be there for the amazing grab bag deals and stay for the fun games and challenges...

I have 3 grab bags - 2 are collaborations with Alissa Jones...
You'll find them all in my store

With everything at 35% off for the sale, I best show you my other new releases that came out last week. I don't always stay as up-to-date as I should with my blog...

First off were 2 new paper sets both for personal use and for commercial use. I made most of the papers in my grab bags with the help of these 2 sets of papers...

Newsprint Papers are available both PU and CU

Same with Sketchpad Papers, available as both PU or CU

I had a fun time one afternoon with my acrylic paints and loads of bubble wrap! Here are the results. I love putting bits of bubble wrap paint in a layout as texture or to balance other elements or to just throw in a punch of color.

I brought back some greenery, pulled out the items that no longer felt current and lowered the price!!!

and I also brought back my White Cardboard Alpha and Cluster Frames...

I hope everyone on my side of the globe is starting to see a little bit of spring time popping up here and there. We've had tons of rain in Oregon, but my tulips are starting to bloom and look great.

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