Friday, April 15, 2011

Dang Robin

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He and She are at it again. My neighbor mentioned that the robin(s) was attacking his front windows this year. I laughed at his story as they had done it to ours a few years back... Then my neighbor taped plastic over his front windows.

Now the robins are attacking OUR windows!!! Dang. I shouldn't have laughed. Apparently a pair of robins have made a nest in a big blue spruce that sits between our homes. While not snacking on worms or picking up twigs for their nest, the robins spend their time either attacking the windshield of my husband's car or coming and attacking the window on our front door and the side front window. All day long, in intervals, I hear bang bang bang on our front door and window. Sigh. It wouldn't be that bad if their dirty little feet and tushies didn't make such a mess!!!

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