Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spider Patrol and the New Guinea Pigs

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The robins are attacking the house again. Here's is hubby's latest attempt to ward them off. a Giant hanging spider right where the robin likes to land before it starts it's attacks. Can you imagine the faces of my poor neighbors when they realize what is hanging out there? The walkers will become joggers and the joggers will become runners. LOL LOL

Meet Marshmallow (on left) and Mazzie (on right). These are our new guinea pigs. Taylor is in a very happy place finally being able to have something past a frog as a pet.  These 2 are sisters and about 4 months old.

Hubby made jokes about Taylor taking them for walks on leash. So I spotted a guinea pig leash at the store and we are testing it on them so they get used to the feel of it. Right now the girls are actually to small for it and can walk right out of it when they want. But how cute is this!!!

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Pssequimages said...

Awww they are SOOOO cute...Takes me back 50 years! OURS (named "Simon and Garfunkle")were such neat little fellows.

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