Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fashion Doll and 10% off coupon!

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Introducing Fashion Doll - my brand new collab with Kaye Winiecki.

A lot of little girls love the world of the fashion doll, with the nice clothes, glamorous lifestyle and the places her imagination takes her. I'll be you remember playing with your own when you were young! Capture your little girls love for her favourite dolls with this kit which contains loads of fun papers & elements, plus an alpha that comes complete with lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and punctuation.
Each outfit shown on the girl dolls can be found on a blonde, redhead, brunette, asian, and african american style doll. Our boy doll is only available as shown in the preview. 
Use coupon code: Fashion10off through the weekend for an extra 10% off at MScraps. Add that to the new release 20% off sale and you'll get Fashion Doll for 30% off. But hurry in, this deal expires quickly!
If you shop at MyMemories, I've marked the kit down 30% off through the weekend to match my and Kaye's new release sales in our other stores! 
Okay, time for a peek at this amazing kit and then a bunch of eye candy created by lots of excited creative team members to give you plenty of inspiration!!!

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MrsPeel said...

well, not only for little girls pages, as I have proved! LOL
I will post my pages to FB, this kit is just absokute delight.... I thought twice, then three times, then 4...(ny daughter just tirned 16!!!) couldn't resist it, and found something to scrap non doll related...but now I have photos of a lil girl daughter of some friends who came for I scrapped it properly :)
you both (Kaye is amazing too!) are wonderful, you have just made a new customer!!!! I also have the The DEntist Cjair and Pantry Doodles, now I have to save to catch up and buy, buy and buy!!! LOL
thanks so much for designing with love :)

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