Thursday, February 14, 2013


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I'd like to bump up the numbers on my CT

For me, great CT gals (or guys) are 
  • able to create layouts with most of my kits and post to at least 4 galleries as close to release date of a kit as possible!
  • able to honestly promote my designs on their facebook pages, blogs, pinterest, and within ISO threads when possible
  • able to quickly tell me if they spot what they think might be an oopsy in a kit
  • able to create sometimes on very short notice
  • are personable
  • are not drama queens
  • can commit to at least a 3-month term; rarely do my CT members leave me after 3 month though - in fact some have been with me for many years
What I need from YOU:
Please have a look through my stores at ScrapMatters and MyMemories
Like what you see and think you have what it takes to be on my CT? 
Email me in the land of hotmail at clevermonkeygraphics
I'd like a link to your preferred gallery that shows your current style
I'd like to know what forum you presently hang out in the most
I'd like to know your other CT obligations
I'd like to know why you would like to be on my CT
I'd like to know why you think I SHOULD put you on my CT
Can you scrap all week, only after the kids go to bed, or only on weekends? I need to know this too.
Hybrid scrappers are also welcome to apply.

Want to know a little bit more about me before applying?
I've been designing since 2006
I just finished my second visit with The Daily Digi
My CT think I'm sweet and easygoing
I scrap with most of my own kits
I tend to design in themes
love love love color
Read the rest at my about me page on my blog!

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