Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to semi-customize cats

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As I started playing with my own kit I decided I wanted to slightly customize some cats. I use full Photoshop. This will also work with Photoshop Elements and something very similar will probably work in many graphic programs.

The cat included in the kit is a more saturated thus more brown looking cat and I wanted to fade it's colors to better match the cat in the photo. I took the magic wand in Photoshop and selected the eyes, nose, and inner ears. Being that their color is quite different than other colors in all the cats it is easy to do. With the marching ants now showing around these parts in Photoshop I did the COMMAND/CONTROL J to lift this up to a layer above. The cat below remains intact. The I used the erase tool to quickly remove any extra bits that also came up where there had been just enough similar color to have also been selected. Now I went to the original cat layer and simply lowered the saturation of the cat until I was happy.

I wanted my cat to look a little more like the at in the photos, Max. I dragged a white cat to my layout holding down the shift key until he was placed. Holding the shift key ensured he would land in the exact middle of the layout. Then I did the same with the grey cat. There are other ways to line up the cats exactly with eachother such as under the LAYER menu and then ALIGN. Or if both layers are selected you can then choose your move tool and see some alignment tools turn up at the top of your Photoshop screen. Not in photoshop? Explore the best way to do this with your program. Next I simply selected the area of the grey cat I wanted gone and hit delete. Now I have this cute grey and white cat just like Max. There could have been lots of ways to select the area of the top cat you want gone...a soft brush with the eraser tool, perhaps the pen tool to create curved lines to delete with, or the marquee tool as I used since for my layout the straight lines were just fine.

Nope, it's not halloween! I added some extra eyes in varying colors to the kit to allow you to change the eye color of any cat in the kit. Just size and angle the eyes you want onto any of the heads of the cats.

If you think of another great cat customization, feel free to let us know in the comment section! It will take a little bit before you see your comment turn up since I moderate comments to keep spam off the blog.

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G Susie said...

What a super idea to incorporate a personal touch to your layouts! If most people are like me, the family pet is like one of your kids and you'll go out of your way to create a scrapbook page that highlights their uniqueness to make it personally "theirs". Thank you for the welcome tips.

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