Saturday, August 15, 2015

Summers' Meadow - pretty new collab with Key Lime Digi Design

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Summer's Meadow

Celebrate one of the most awesome things about late Summer... the flowers! 
This collection by Clever Monkey Graphics and Key Lime Digi Design has all best parts to scrap your memories of those times. The color palette is soft and bold with just the right balance. Whether you love to hike in flower filled meadows, or  like me, whip out your camera the moment you see a beautiful bloom, this kit is great for any end of Summer memories! 

Summers' Meadow Collection by Clever Monkey Graphics & Key Lime Digi Design

Eye Candy (aka Inspiration!)

Check out these wonderful layouts from my creative team! It's amazing what they create in 24 hours as the kit was loaded into stores just shortly before new releases were let loose! Three of these were mine and I had a great time making them - I did them fast and strangely that allowed me a certain freedom of not stressing over details. And with so much in even the base kit, it was easy! Mine include this first one, the big picture one with the smiling girl and sunflowers, and the last one with the funny shot that has my daughter sniffing fresh-picked dahlias.

I know you love them. First up Sandy of Key Lime Digi Design has a couple... one on her blog and one in her newsletter (sign up here) I will beg her to keep it in her newsletter for it's next issue too so you have a change to get it!!

I simply saved you a bit of time with a couple of word arts... Wildflowers & Sunflowers. Click here to grab them.
This collab is coming soon to MyMemories!!!


Sue Kimmet said...

What a beautiful kit! Thanks for the word art. I have LOTS of wildflower pics to scrap, this will be great.

Still Nunyah said...

Thank you very much for the freebie!

Crystalnva said...

THANK YOU so much :)

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