Friday, October 16, 2015

New Kit Release: Where the Pumpkins Grow

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Where the Pumpkins Grow

We went to the pumpkin patch the final weekend in September this year. We didn't even wait for October since we knew our daughter was about to head off to band camp on the coast of Oregon for a weekend of fun and mischief with her high school band AND after that the weather can be rather unpredictable the further into October we go AND there can be long car line-ups off the one bridge from Sauvie Island where our favorite pumpkin patch is found. (We were once stuck n that line-up for 2 hours!!!)

We arrived at the pumpkin patch to the sound of hundreds of birds that had taken over a tree by the parking lot. Couldn't help but make jokes about Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. After a quick perusal of the yummy snacks available and the pumpkin pile we aimed ourselves into the Corn Maze. My family knows I get a little anxious in corn mazes because I can't know when I'll get out of them. They love to laugh at me for that. Last year we went in with the theory that if every time we turned left when a decision had to be made, we'd get out fast - it worked perfectly - record time for a corn maze. This year we entered the corn maze with confidence and that theory did not work at all. There are two halves to our corn maze and we got through the first half fast enough. Then we spent an hour trying to get out of the second half to no avail. My feet were tired. My back was tired. My enthusiasm was tired!!! I've never walked so many circles in my life. I kind of just wanted to scream for help. Finally we backtracked as best we could to the entrance to the 2nd half which turned out to be pretty easy and thank goodness because I think I might have needed to just sit down and cry if we spent another hour circling!

I'll be taking my daughter to another pumpkin patch much closer to home in the next few days. We will do a corn maze. Please pray for me that the left turn theory works this time!!!

...which all brings me to my newest kit. It is lush and colorful and filled with my own drawn custom graphics. This kit is designed to help you scrap those fun(???)  times in the corn maze and picking out your pumpkins. I've also designed a pack full of word-arts to compliment your layouts. Buy them both as a bundle and save some money even after the new release sale ends!

FREEBEE ALERT... Check out the bottom of the email to grab your freebee which matches this kit.

Where the Pumpkins Grow

Where the Pumpkins Grow Word Arts

Eye Candy (aka Inspiration!)
Now check out a sampling of some wonderful layouts showing off the kit! You'll find more in the stores.


Grab your freebee from dropbox here.

Kits arriving shortly at MyMemories!

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