Monday, December 07, 2009

Fender Benders and Christmas Kits and more!

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Well my new christmas kit is finally finished and will be available at my store in Scrapbook-Elements next Sunday! I've been doodling like a mad woman all weekend to get the kit done. I had to wait until Friday to even think about beginning because my "doodling" computer wasn't working. All fixed now - clean reinstall of system software.... and hours of program and hardware reinstall. Not fun! But the resulting kit is cool!

But life has been crazy. Got rear ended in my car as I was stopped and waiting in traffic on Friday late afternoon. That pushed me into the car in front of me. No injury. And at first it appeared maybe no damages to the cars. But closer inspection in daylight hours revealed almost $2700 worth of repair work according to the insurance assessor. I wonder what the insurance assessor for the girl who hit me will say! Poor girl was young and had only had her license for 6 months. Welcome to the driving world dear. I've been dealing with her mom since it happened because even though she was old enough to drive, she was still a minor and not able to do the whole insurance thing on her own. Cross your fingers for everything to proceed smoothly on all that!

A serious cold spell has hit us here in Northern Oregon. Freezing temps even during the day. But beautiful sunny days. We went out Sunday in the icy cold and got our christmas tree. It looks gorgeous now all decorated and lit.  Next weekend my menorah will look gorgeous and lit too. lol. We're a dual celebration household.

Here are the new releases for this coming weekend:

Sugar Coated Christmas

Alphas for Sugar Coated Christmas

Everyday Papers No. 1
I'll add my extra previews that show each paper later.

Everyday Papers No.2

Everyday Papers No.3

and CU versions of all three of those papers...

and a pack of CU buttons. Creamy whites No. 1 (yup... number two are already extracted and ready to go into another kit!)

That's it. Dinner making is calling me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the accident. That is never fun for anyone... the hitter or the hittee! Hope you didn't get hurt.
Glad that your doodle computer is back up to snuff!
The new stuff look great! Wow! You've been busy!

artful pioneer said...

How fun!! Off to look at projects!

jane_david99 said...

glad to hear your ok. :)
and that your doodle computer is back up and running..

the new Christmas kit looks lovely, cant wait to play!!

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