Friday, June 15, 2012

New Kit: Art Splattered Templates

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This week I was exploring various blogs of paper scrappers. After looking at literally hundreds of amazing layouts, I wanted to be able to put paint and ink spots and sprays along with random doodles on my layouts too. As digi scrappers, we can't easily do that! So I created 4 layouts in a very artsy free-form style filled with the artsy goodness that was attracting me to the paper layouts. And guess what - you can always sneak a layer of these templates onto another layout completely to instantly add the ink and paint! These templates are available as psd files, tif files, and individual png layers
Get Art Splattered Templates here!

My CT has been playing with these this week - a little nervously at first as I definitely took some of them out of their comfort zones - and some worried that because I included so many real items that they might not want to substitute in other buttons, lace, or whatever - and felt the layout wouldn't show all the possibilities of these templates. I simply reminded them to treat these like any other templates - use layers or don't use them, substitute items or don't - and here are some of the gorgeous layout that emerged (2 of mine in the crowd too!):

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